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What can be the best, having the dog at always by your side. Dogs have always been the human best companions and we should always take care of our dogs.

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Dogs the most faithful creatures have become an important part in our lives. As Konrad Lorenz said the fidelity of a dog is a precious gift. Having puppies is a great fun but keeping them comes with a huge responsibility.

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Dogs have always been the sweetest, cutest, and most lovable pets but sometimes they can get allergies. Allergy is basically the response of an immune system towards some substance or it can be against its own cells.

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Humans and dogs have been companions for almost 33,000 years. Formerly, dogs have aided in searching for food, protecting family and property, collecting and moving livestock, guarding with soldiers, distinguishing drugs and explosives, and searching for lost humans.

Osteoarthritis is the common disease found in the old age dogs and in specific breeds. According to research, there is no cure for this disease in progressive conditions.