All-Natural Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs – Totally Safe and Effective!

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All-Natural  Joint Supplement for Dogs.  with 99% Pure Pharmaceutical  Chondroitin Sulfate and Micro-Doses of Botanical Extract.  Oral Once a Week  *100% Natural*   –  Fast Acting – Effective and Totally Safe.

ChondroPaw® for Dogs over 25 lbs

ChondroPaw® For Dogs Over 25lbs

Safe, Natural Joint Supplement for Dogs

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4.98 out of 5


Serving Size: 1 ampoule. Available in (5ml) size
Servings per container: 5 ampoules
Each serving contains: – Chondroitin Sulfate (99% pure, pharmaceutical grade) 500 mg

– Micro dosage Proprietary Blend: Aconitum, Allium sativum, Avena sativa, Bryonia alba, Cinnamomum, Pulsatilla, Kali carbonicum, Lycopodium.

– Other ingredients: Distilled water

Spectrum Relief

Chronic pain or discomfort – Difficulty getting up and down – Slow or stiff when first getting up – Trouble climbing stairs – Swelling around the joints – Limping or favoring a leg – Decreased mobility – Lack of desire to run and play – Shivering and Trembling – Decreased alertness.


ChondroPaw® is administered only once a week. Each box contains 5 doses.

Week 1: Dispense 2 doses by mouth.
Week 2-4: Dispense 1 dose by mouth, once per week.

Dispense the content of each ampoule directly into your dog’s mouth to avoid contamination. Store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight.


ChondroPaw® For Dogs Under 25lbs

ChondroPaw® For Dogs Under 25lbs

Safe, Natural Joint Supplement for Dogs

$44.99- in Stock
4.98 out of 5

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Read What our Customers are Saying.


My 13 year old Basset, healthy as can be, decided to jump out the back of our van. When he did, he hurt his back and within hours, he was unable to use his back legs. We took him the Vet and they provided him some muscle relaxers and other treatments. After 2 weeks, we took him back and they said that the other alternative was surgery.

We were at a crossroads – then I decided to research on the web and came across ChondroPaw. Although his diagnosis was not arthritis or dysplasia, we decided to give it a try. After 4-6 weeks, Rocky was able to move his back legs…after 8-10 weeks, Rocky was starting to walk on his own. After 26 weeks or so, we decided to stop ChondroPaw and noticed his leg movement started to degrade…since then, we’ve been giving him ChondroPaw and it’s made all the difference.

SteveRocky - Basset Hound

A MIRACLE ~ His front legs would spread OUTWARD & it was difficult for him to get up . I was amazed and am extremely grateful for Chondropaw. He was only 3 years when this problem started. This product was truly a MIRACLE for my dog. Gradually he got better and has never had problem since using Chondropaw ~ Forever Grateful !!!

WilmaSir Charles - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

My Coco after 2 weeks stopped to leaking her paws, I realized that was for the pain she was feeling for the arthritis. Now she’s showing all her energy playing all day with her sister a red gold Chow Chow.

MariaCoco - German Shepherd

My rough collie Pretty girl used Chodropaw for about a year and It really helped her in her older age she was 13 when we started this we really saw a big difference.

DianePrettygirl - Collie

I have seen some improvement since I used ChondroPaw on Sunshine, and I’m happy to be using a natural product without side effects, however, Sunshine is a 14 years old lab, which is considered old for a large dog like her, and I don’t expect miracles.

GabrielleSunshine - Labrador Retriever

What a change in my dog. She walks quite well now and runs/plays. I highly recommend this product it definitely brought my dog back to good health. She was in a buggy buy no longer needs it. Am completely happy with the service and the short period of time it takes to get to me. Also I must say my dog did not hesitate to take the liquid, in fact, she seemed to enjoy it. Thanks to you all.

LorettaSophia - American Water Spaniel

Before I started her on ChondroPaw she could hardly walk on her right front leg. From being an agility dog a lot of pressure is put on the shoulders and she developed arthritis. By the third week on ChondroPaw she was back running and jumping, swimming and ball playing like she did when she was a pup. She doesn’t have a limp anymore and she’s back to being the playful pup she once was. I can’t say enough about ChondroPaw, it gave me my dog back.

KatherineKira - Standard Schnauzer

Brown an American Spaniel had major back surgery to save his life as he couldn’t walk at all. He came down IMHA which is another killer of Coker’s he had 2 blood transfusions, he made it thru. I notice he was having a lot of pain and his back legs where shaking so back to the vet, we went and she told he had loose hips. I did a lot of research and I found this Product Chondropaw. Buster now runs to the barn and the leg shaking hast stopped. I tell everyone about this product.  We Love!!!

Rita Buster - American Spaniel

My dog could barely get up without assistance. I was desperate to help her and couldn’t bare the alternative. I found Chondropaw and it completely turned her life around. I literally credits its results in her living 2 yrs. It didn’t start working right away but I didn’t want to give up so I continued with it. At first there were very small differences but then it must have started kicking in because by her 3rd-4th month on it she was able to run back into the house after going outside. Before couldn’t even step up the doorstep without my help. So to see her hop right up there was amazing. I love Chondropaw and tell everyone who has a dog with Arthritits or hip problems about it.

AnnetteHoney - Golden Labrador Retriever

My 4 years bull terrier showed signs of hip & joint problems since we rescued him in 2012. The problems seemed to worsen over the years and he got the point that he could hardly walk. He spent most of his days lethargic and sad. We thought we may have to put him down because his quality of life was so bad. I began to seek out some all natural remedies for his problem and came across Chondropaw on Youtube. I was skeptical to think that it could really work as well as the videos where claiming. I started him on the treatments and within the first month he had shown tremendous progress. It wasn’t immediate and it did require that you stick with the program as described. We continued it for a few more months and he was truly 100% back to the happy, fun, loving pup he used to be. He was so perfect that we thought we could stop using the product. As if he was cured!. But within 4 weeks of being off the product he went right back the poor state. Since then we have been dedicated Chondropaw users.  We have even given the information to our local pet store that sells only natural food and products. I swear by this product. Our puppy could not enjoy life to the fullest without it. We are so Thankful to have found Chondropaw!

JaninaGizmo - Bull Terrier
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