Stress in Dogs caused by noises like (thunder, pyrotechnic fires, lightning, etc.)

This article focuses on pyrotechnic pet stress, but help can be applied in the event of lightning, thunder, or any sound.

Pyrotechnics is a tradition in our country (United States) and is mainly used for the celebration of multiple events such as Christmas, New Year, birthdays, parties, festivals, patriotic celebrations, etc.

However pyrotechnics has some not so desirable consequences as environmental pollution, burns, accidents, etc.

But some of the side effects that are almost not talked about is the stress brought on by pets.

Dogs are mainly affected, causing them stress from a bad night (the dog and the owners), but we have also received dogs in shock, problems of  immunosupression secondary to stress, gastritis, loss of appetite, and even death (Especially in small dogs). These are some of the key responses to pyrotechnics in pets received at our hospital.

For this reason we suggest some mechanisms to reduce the effect of stress
on our pets:

Plugs: The plugs are soft cover the ear canal and some dogs are well. These reduce sound and therefore reduce stress.

Medicines. There are medicines of veterinary use with anxiolytic effect, that is to say, they reduce the body’s response to stress, making it more bearable the noise of the fireworks.

Bandages There are bandages that are put on the dogs and helps them to feel embraced or contained and it is proven that it helps to reduce the stress during the celebrations with pyrotechnic fires. If you do not have a big enough band, you can use a scarf !.

Desensitization. It is a slow but very effective process, which consists of recording sounds of cars, thunder, cars, etc. And routinely put animals under stress from these noises with a volume that increases as you get used to a very loud sound that helps us when the storm passes, storm lightning, fireworks, etc., the pet feels more confident and At least lower your stress during the event.

Hugs. If your pet is very stressed when they are thundering, tighten and speak softly so that it feels accompanied, it will give you peace of mind and your stress will be more bearable.

If the stress is too much and you can not help it, it will be important that you go with a veterinary hospital 24 hours to give you a tranquilizer or sedative to spend the night and the next morning your friend feels better.