Why are Joint Supplements Important for your Dog?

Why are Joint Supplements Important for your Dog?

Your dog having joint problems is not that different from you having arthritis or joint pain or swelling. You can barely move as each attempt to move a limb pulling on a 5-ton vehicle. it also gets worse during cold weather as the muscles tend to pull on the different structures that connect it to the joints, leading to increased swelling and pain. These physiologic responses are the same with dogs.

Why are Joint Supplements Important for your Dog

Typically, a pet dog who has joint problems will often display the following manifestations:

– Highly irritable especially when made to move from a particular spot

– Difficulty sitting up from a lying position or standing up from a sitting position

– Purposely slower movements of the limbs

– Incessant licking of the joints

– Hesitates to move either to walk or to run or even avoids it entirely

– Whines or cries even though there are no apparent reason

– Stays in its kennel, create, or dog bed for unusually longer periods of time

– May not eat or drink unless its food and water bowls are brought closer

– Struggles climbing up and down stairs or avoids doing so

– Limps while walking sans any valid reason

– Behaves in a manner that is grossly different from past behavior

Alleviates pain and suffering

Just like us, when our pets are in pain they get grumpy, agitated, irritable, and aggressive. They may not feed, refuse to play, or even go out for a walk simply because their focus is on the pain experience. Inadvertently, they may begin showing signs of deteriorating health. Many supplements for dog joint contain ingredients that have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. These can help reduce the inflammation which is technically the primary source of the pain. This way your pet can be really free from pain and suffering, allowing it to enjoy its being.