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We believe our dogs are family members that unconditionally spend most of their lives waiting for us to come home each day.

Sadly, aging, genetic defects, infections, and injuries can cause different health conditions like hip dysplasia, arthritis, and other joint problems.  It is heart-breaking watching your dog fighting alone against the pain and impairment; that is why you are doing everything possible to bring your dog back to the playful state they used to be.

We are proud to be able to share over 15 years of research and great success in canine health support. ChondroPaw® was born from a desire to help dogs suffering from Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia, and mobility problems. It is a human-grade remedy safe for dogs with no sides effects and it is so simple to use that you do not need a veterinarian to administer the weekly doses.

ChondroPaw® has helped thousands of dogs all over the world to achieve a higher quality of life. Please join our family of happy dogs and owners who enjoy the unique benefits of our products.

Directions for use ChondroPaw

Proven Effective Relief for:

  • Chronic pain or discomfort.
  • Difficulty getting up and down.
  • Slow or stiff when first getting up.
  • Trouble climbing stairs.
  • Swelling around the joints.
  • Limping or favoring a leg.
  • Decreased mobility.
  • Lack of desire to run and play 
  • All Natural  99% pure Chondroitin and micro-dosages of botanical extracts – no harmful chemicals or drugs.
  • Totally Safe – even for dog breeds prone to allergies or puppies. It can be used in combination with other supplements or prescription medications – no side effects.
  • Only Once a Week– it only needs to be administered once a week. Insipid liquid doses come in plastic ampoules for easy dispensing – no pills, powder or mixing water.
  • OTC Supplement – ChondroPaw® is an over the counter supplement for dogs – no prescription needed.
  • Fast Relief – dogs usually start showing noticeable improvements in the first few days after the first dose – no need to wait 1 to 3 months to see results with similar products.
  • Cost effective – we are keeping prices low on ChondroPaw® to make the product more affordable – reduced shipping costs in the USA.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – if you are not satisfied after 30 days, you are protected by our money back guarantee – no questions asked.

Proven effective in the treatment of:

  • Arthritis – affects any dog’s joint causing stiffness, pain and inflammation.
  • Hip dysplasia – causes pain and discomfort in dogs during and after exercise.
  • Arthrosis – causing pain in dogs and decreasing flexibility. 
  • Supports mobility for a healthy lifestyle in dogs of all ages, sizes, and activity levels
  • Enhance the effectiveness of the immune system’s ability to defend challenges from viral and bacterial infections.
  • With none of the negative side-effects, won’t cause nausea, vomiting, and kidney or liver
  • Decrease the effects of exposure to environmental allergens
  • As an adjuvant to anti-bacterial and anti-viral therapy
  • Fast Acting
  • Reestablish appetite and levels of feed intake
  • Reduce the stress created while surgery’s
  • Improve the coat condition
  • Oral use (1 per week)

ChondroPaw® is an all-natural formula that contains:

Clinical studies reveal that Chondroitin supports bones, cartilages, muscles, tendons & ligaments.

Join over 7,658+ Dog owners who trust Chondropaw to help their pets.


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4.9 star rating | (616 customer reviews)
Since I found you guys I’ve been giving him the liquid drops the miracle liquid drops.. there great there Amazing works on him amazingly!! This guy walks 2 miles every weekends..
small dog with arthritis
Carlos | Washington, D.C | Nov. 12, 2018
What a difference!!! …well, he is a 16yr old dog and he may never walk without a little wobbly but looking at him being happy and being once again ten steps in front of me, that my friends make my heart so happy. We really do recommend Chondropaw. Thank you for reading this, I really felt like I needed to share this with you
Beni Old Dog 16years old
Dorotea | Osijek, Croatia | Oct. 7, 2018
Beni - Senior Dog
I found your product online, and I was desperate to try anything to save our Champ. I swear, after the first couple of days, we began to see that he was better. Each week he improved greatly, and now after six weeks of administering Chondropaw, Champ can now go for short walks around the block, and we can see that the pain has subsided.Truly a miracle…..we just cannot believe it. You have an incredible product that actually works better than I anticipated.Thank you for saving our cherished family member, and giving him more time with us, pain-free
Champ Old Labrador
Randy | Washington, D.C | Jun. 14, 2018
Labrador - Champ
TRULY AMAZING!!!! (watch video) This product is truly amazing…. My dog Stain is 14 years of age. He is suffering from really bad lower back pains (Arthritis). Stain was at a point where he could no longer walk. He was literally crying out in pain. I was very hurt because I didn’t know what to do. After some research, I found Chondropaw. This was the best investment ever. Within that first week of his dose, Stain was up and walking around. Two weeks later he was running. Chondropaw is TRULY AMAZING!!!!!!.
William | Fort Lauderdale, FL | May. 14, 2018​
Stain - Senior Dog
Great news: my legs are amazing after taking Chondropaw recommended by my dear @maggiemaeseniorsharpei swipe to end and see I got stuck on stairs just less than 2 months ago Senior friends, we have hope!! Thank you @chondropawllcWoohoo, look at you charge up those stairs, Toby!! Awesome – @the_old_dood
Senior doodle recovery with Chondropaw
Lucia | Portalnd, Or. | Mar. 29, 2018
Toby - Senior Doodle
Maggie’s mom here (@maggiemaeseniorsharpei). Started this crazy party animal on Chondropaw again yesterday morning. This old, almost 16 year old gal was doing zoomies after breakfast today! I could believe it, she hasn’t done that in at least a few years. So thankful for @chondropawllc
My Grace, a 16-year-old beagle, was going to be put to sleep two weeks ago because she couldn’t get up to eat her supper. She has been a chow hound all her life and it was sad to see. She is in heart failure so I called my vet and he suggested that I give her small doses of aspirin and that helped so I had found your site and decided to give her a chance to feel better. When I received the product and am thrilled to tell you she’s not only getting up to eat but she’s going out to see what is going on and now barks again like a real dog.Thank you so much for helping my Gracie enjoy whatever time she has left… 🙂
Ellen | Los Angeles, CA. | Feb. 3, 2018
Grace - Beagle
My dogs love the Chondropaw treat. They seem to help my older labs arthritis quite a bit. We are very happy with the results and look forward to our next delivery!!
Terry | New York | Jan 14, 2018

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SeleCt Chondropaw according to your Dog's weight

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