What you should know about Dog Arthritis

What you should know about dog arthritis, causes, symptoms and recommendations

Dog Arthritis is a disease that usually suffers from one in five adult dogs, here we will show you the symptoms that cause this condition and we will offer some recommendations to treat it.

Dog Arthritis is one of the most common causes of chronic pain that veterinarians should treat, the dog usually suffers from this disease when he is at an advanced age, it is necessary for the dog to have properly cared for to control the intense pain and thus Can make your life normal or even more bearable. Studies have shown that one in five dogs suffer from this condition.

In this article we will talk about the symptoms of arthritis in dogs, possible treatments and some home remedies or processes that could be of great help, always remember to visit a specialist first before medicating your pet.

One in five adult dogs suffers from arthritis.

Symptoms of Arthritis in Dogs

  • Your dog no longer shows emotion by going outside or walking.
  • Lack or reduced appetite
  • It shows very little interest in playing with other dogs, with you or even alone.
  • It seems to be very uncomfortable for him to move and even have difficulty sitting and getting up.
  • From time to time he limps or expresses pain when someone touches one of his legs.
  • No longer do you feel like getting into bed, furniture or you have difficulty going up and down the stairs.
  • Sleep longer than usual.
  • He is usually easily irritated due to the discomfort caused by the disease.

Treatments for Dog Arthritis and Recommendations

It is important that you visit a specialist if you suspect that your dog is suffering from this or another disease, but you can make life easier by helping him to do some of his daily tasks.

  • Raise food and water so that he does not have to bend over so much.
  • Provide more comfort at bedtime by providing an orthopedic bed.
  • When you are going to take him out for walks, remember that he is uncomfortable walking and needs patience, do not rush him.
  • Try to get him to walk frequently to exercise his joints, but avoid walking on hard surfaces, asphalt could hurt.
  • Feed your pet properly, being overweight is a big problem in several respects, but in the case of arthritis increases tension in the joints.
  • Always keep in mind that your pet needs to receive medicine prescribed by a veterinarian, do not provide medicines for humans, this could cause problems like poisoning or even death.

Take your dog to walk frequently so that exercises help to aid his joints, but with patience.

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Arthritis in dogs is a degenerative disease and the chances of cure are very low, but never surrender, it is important to take care of our pets in such a way that the pain diminishes and life is much more bearable for them.

Home Treatments for Arthritis in Dogs

Arthritis in dogs is one of the most common causes of chronic pain that veterinarians should treat.

  1. Chondroitin is an excellent source to combating arthritis in dogs, it is responsible for reducing pain, you can provide 99% of pure chondroitin in supplements like ChondroPaw® that contains our exclusive oral formula. It is important that you know what kind of Foods are beneficial to your dog or which can cause problems like garlic, that is a good source of omega 3, but it is very harmful to the health of dogs.
  2. Putting compresses of warm or warm water on the legs of the dogs when waking up will help to reduce the stiffness of the joint and so when the pain is not so painful.
  3. Vitamin C is a great help for arthritis in dogs, it acts as an anti-inflammatory; Apple cider vinegar is a great choice to provide this vitamin, you can pour a tablespoon into your pet’s water container.
  4. There are a number of medicinal plants to reduce inflammation, such as Scrophularia or blackcurrant, but it is important to always be clear about what can be ingested by your pet and which ones can not, some of which may be toxic.
  5. Massage in the affected areas, this will reduce the pain, but always remember to follow the recommendations of your veterinarian, he will tell you how to massage, what pressure to apply and how much time should be done per day.

Factors that influence the appearance of dog arthritis:

  • L at age : Dogs older than 8 years are the main canine population that presents this disease, this is due to the wear and tear that the joints have with the years, as happens with humans, these joints degenerate, races Large are the most likely to suffer from arthritis because of the weight that the joints must support.
  • Obesity or overweight: Like large dogs, obese dogs must bear a weight that is not suitable or ideal for their joints.
  • Genetics: There are breeds of dogs that are more likely to suffer from this type of degenerative diseases, such as the Labrador Retriever and the German Shepherd.
  • Joint Surgery: Dogs that have undergone some surgical intervention on their joints are more likely to suffer from arthritis.

Recommendations for Dog with Arthritis

Take your pet for periodic check-ups, this will help detect any type of illness such as arthritis in time and it will be much easier to start with your treatment. In many cases, the diseases develop in a silent way which makes them more difficult to detect them and for that reason, they are so necessary the constant veterinary checks.

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