What is the Best Food for Dog on the stores?

How many types of dog food and diets would you be able to list? There are plenty of brands and types of food for dogs and choosing the most suitable for your dog can be turned into an entire afternoon browsing the net collecting information on types of feed and diets.

And while you are ‘fishing’ feed your dog has the time for the snack.

If we go to the price field, there are all types. As it is clear that nobody is hard for pesetas and what we are looking for is quality food, that is, the best I think, we will focus on high-end or premium feed. Also the natural diets offer a high nutritional value.

Types of dog food

Generally speaking, it could be said that the best food for dogs is one that covers all the nutritional needs of the animal and provides balance and nutrients to the proper extent. Not all types of dog food, however good they may be, are adapted to all races.

A large dog that needs a lot of exercise will not feed just like a small dog who hardly needs to leave the house. Not only for quantity but also for quality.

In the natural is the key of the diets for dogs and an important characteristic to determine if a feed is good or not is that it is fit for the human consumption. All the fine print must be read in the feed containers.

The best ones we think are not the most expensive

The best diets are those that include a dog food with natural products. In addition to feed and damp food there is natural dog food made with natural ingredients.

Diets made with meat, vegetables and fruit are the healthiest. These should be the main ingredients that a good dog food should contain.

The order of ingredients is also very important. A dog food that its main ingredient is the corn would be inside the bad diets since this does not bring anything to the animal. Meat should be the number one ingredient but here you have to be careful.

In many feeds we can read things like: poultry protein or dehydrated pork What does this mean? It’s meat, yes, but we do not know what part of the meat or how much. It can carry 2% of meat and the worst thing is that this meat can be the waste of the animal as the organs or bones. These are the worst feed or rather low end feed. Would you incorporate something like that into your diets?

When we find dog food where a percentage appears, such as pork 20%. Vale is chicken but do not tell if this chicken is fresh or frozen or if it is dehydrated. In this case it would move to the third or fourth position of the list of ingredients since the dehydrated chicken loses 70% of the water.

What about rice ?; Have you noticed the amount of feed that includes rice among the first 4 ingredients? Dog diets do not need rice but manufacturers use it because it is a simple way to lower costs. The same goes for products like corn gluten or corn gluten meal are only filled.

Diets with meat, fish and zero cereals are undoubtedly the best food for dogs.

The size of the feed does matter

It is important to distinguish not only puppies, adults or senior dogs, but also between different breeds and between different sizes of dogs: small, medium and large. A dog weighing less than 25 Lb is considered small. An 11 to 25 and 26 to 46 dog is a large dog.

Diets for small dogs with a feed that contains lots of protein and do not carry any kind of preservatives are ideal.

Medium-sized dogs need to strengthen their defenses and develop strong musculature. It is important to note that, in addition, the feed you give your dog does not produce heavy digestion.

Learning to read the components of the feed

Have you set to work to read all the labels of dog food you buy? It is likely that on occasion you have read the word ‘propylene glycol’. For unfortunately the dog that eats this feed is not any part of the chicken but an additive that is used as an antifreeze and maintains that the feed has that small ball shape.

BHA or BHT unfortunately is also nothing that you would like your dog to eat. It is another additive that has been confirmed to have carcinogenic elements and that even so, some manufacturers are still using.

The best diets for dogs

It’s okay for your dog to eat some rice or a bread crumb. Just realize that the first elements of dog food on the list are prime meat or fish.

The myth of cereals in diets

The feed, both medium and high range contains, in many cases cereals Why? Dogs do not need them in their diets. Dog diets should not include cereal as energy is extracted from the meat protein.

The starch carried by cereals in some diets causes the pancreas to have to work harder, which means more insulin. This can lead to diseases such as diabetes, obesity and other types of problems.

As a curious fact Did you know that it was a grain surplus that led to the manufacture of pet food in the 50’s and incorporate it into their diets?

Avoid cereals, fats and bones in diets and bet on meats and fish, vegetables and fruit. Here too you have to be careful as there are some fruits like avocado that are banned as dog food.

Now you know how to protect your pet’s food. An adequate diet through good diets will offer your pet a high quality of life. It will also prevent future health problems.

And you, what would you say is the best dog food?  Remember that in the natural diets is the key.


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