Understanding Canine Allergies

Healthy start for your Puppy

Dogs the most faithful creatures have become an important part in our lives. As Konrad Lorenz said the fidelity of a dog is a precious gift. Having puppies is a great fun but keeping them comes with a huge responsibility. A lot of care is needed for the growth and development of your dog just like the babies. There are different factors that influence puppy’s growth and development. These factors are genetics, nutrition, vaccination, and temperature. Vaccination is required in the early stages of growth to protect your puppy from different infectious or other severe diseases like rabies, hepatitis and kennel cough and leptospirosis. Rabies is the most common disease among dogs and if it is not treated early it can lead to mortality. Similarly, intestinal parasites are common among dogs. These intestinal parasites are known as worms. These intestinal parasites feed on the food that these puppies eat and worms can even reproduce. Hence initial screening is perquisite to rule out such issues.

Similarly, there is another severe condition known as heartworm which develops in area with mosquito abundance. To overcome this problem early medications should be given. The dog’s fur and coat condition should be checked because there can be external parasites. An adequate balanced diet should be provided to the puppies. There are dry crunchy puppy foods available which you can feed your puppies to meet the nutritional requirement. When there is nutritional and environmental care then, dental care is equally important. Most common dental problems in dogs are deposition of calculus and plaque. When excessive calculus and plaque develops, it can lead to teeth pain and if you do not care for your puppy ,your puppy can lose teeth. Periodic check-up is recommended to identify the problem in the initial stage so that your puppy doesn’t have to face the worst condition. There are some environmental conditions which can not only be haphazard for puppy but can equally harm your family. These are electric wires lying with electricity running .Pesticides and herbicides are equally harmful. Special care should be done if you are having antifreeze at home. It is basically a harmful product that contains the chemical ethylene glycerol which can cause pet poisoning.

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