My dog won’t stop panting, what should I do

My dog won’t stop panting, what should I do

Keeping a dog, comes with a great responsibility. As the dogs are the most loyal creatures so it is our responsibility to take good care of them. There are certain things you should know to keep your dog healthy and fit. One of such things is, the panting behaviour. This panting behaviour is common among the dogs; it is basically a typical essential action to protect themselves from heat. As we sweat to regulate body temperature, dogs can do this via panting. Basically, the dogs pant to circulate cool air through their bodies and to evaporate water from the mouth and upper respiratory tract. Sometimes, the dog panting is a normal sign, but sometimes it can be sign of some severe disease. Therefore, you need to observe the dog’s panting behaviour, if the dog is showing excess panting behaviour, immediate action is required to protect your dog. There can be following signs that typically exist with panting behaviour that you will notice. These signs are discomfort, restlessness, shaking behaviour, large or harsh sounds with panting, shortness of breath. As a dog owner you should be aware of these signs. There can be numerous causes of dog’s panting behaviour like heat stroke, poisoning, heart failure, brachycephalic syndrome, respiratory illness, anaemia, obesity and Cushing syndrome.

There can be other conditions in which dogs can show this of these conditions is pain. If you notice that your dog is suffering from shortness of breath, or if he/she is not exercising it can be sign of a pain rather than a disease. Other issues are anxiety, adverse reaction to medication, high blood pressure, fever and metabolic acidosis. These all conditions produce too much acid in the body, that’s why the dog can show panting behaviour. You should call your vet immediately, if your dog won’t stop panting and having the signs of shaking, restlessness and change of colour in his tongue. In the same manner you can give him some supplements to protect him various conditions that are discussed above.

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