Tips for Keeping Your Dog Free from Tick-Borne Diseases

Dogs have always been the loyal creatures in the world, but keeping them comes with a large responsibility. There can be certain issues with the dogs, if these problems remain undetected, it can even lead towards the severe problem and can eventually leads to your dog death. In this area, the regular check-up can help. These diseases can be transmitted or generated through various organisms like ticks. Ticks are the little annoying creatures that are highly involved in the transmission of diseases via embedding in a dog skin. These diseases are Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichiosis, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis and Lyme disease that is typically named as Borrelia. There is another problem called ticks paralysis. Prevention is the best solution to combat such problems. First of all, you should be aware of your tick season. When you know its pea trick season make your that your dog avoids shrubby and grassy areas. Because there is a higher chance that dog will get the ticks. There are variety of options to get rid of these ticks even before the transmission of the disease. These are tick collars, topical medications. Similarly, daily physical examination of your dog should be performed. There are some suspectable areas where ticks might be present. These are head, neck and ears.

You can even store these ticks in a disposable container filled with isopropyl alcohol and can show these ticks to your vet to get his advice. It is recommended that you should get rid of embedded ticks from your dog’s body. Similarly, there is a vaccine available to prevent the occurrence of Lyme disease in the dogs. There are equally some supplements that can protect help in the treatment of certain diseases.

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