Tips for Reducing Your Dog’s Stress During Visits to the Vet

Tips for Reducing Your Dog’s Stress During Visits to the Vet

It’s no secret that dogs hate visits to vet. Also high on the dislike list is grooming visits. Can you blame them for getting worked up? Getting poked and inspected certainly upsets the dog’s daily routine of eating, sleeping and playing. Trips to the vet are similar to how we feel about going to the dentist for a dental exams. It is very uncomfortable and stressful but it is absolutely necessary.

All pet owners know that annual check-ups and vaccinations are critical to a dog’s long-term health. Unfortunately, providing the best care for your dog requires a very stressful trip to the vet’s office every once in a while.

Fortunately, vet and grooming appointments don’t need to be traumatic experiences for pets or pet owners. Here is some good advice on how to alleviate the stress and anxiety associated with visits to the vet.

Few Tips on How to Enjoy Stress-Free Vet and Grooming Visits

  • Treats by the Dozens - Bring plenty of treats to reinforce and reward your dog’s good behavior from the waiting room to the exam table. The day of the visit keep meals light to help maintain your pet’s appetite.
  • Toys – If your pet gets nervous or anxious in strange environments one way to alleviate this nervous energy is to bring a favorite toy to provide a familiar scent and a shot of comfort at the vet’s office.
  • Reinforce Happy Visits – Bring your dog to the vet’s office early for their appointment. Many clinics reinforce “happy visits” where the staff pets your dog and feeds him treats. This will help your pet relax during the vet’s exam.
  • Joy Riding – Take your pet on fun car rides that end with a walk in the park. That way, your dog does not associate the car with just vet appointments.
  • Use Supplements - Give your dog an anti-aniexty supplement to promote calm behavior before a vet visit. It’s safe to double dosage when necessary but always follow direction on the supplement There are several dog supplements for reduced aniexty that actually taste like treats.

We hope these tips help you with your next visit to the vet and keep your pet happy for years to come.