Dangerous Dog Treats: What To Know
Before You Treat Your Pet

Food for dogs

What pooch does not love getting a doggie treat. Dog owners also love giving their dogs treats. If you have a dog, then you have a good idea of what your dog likes to nibble on. There are so many treats available these days and they come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and consistencies. For every great dog treat, there are those on the market that are not so great.

These treats can harm your pet by being lodged in your dog’s throat or intestines. This can cause choking or worse. If you love giving your canine friend treats, then you will want to be aware of those treats that can be potentially harmful. Even with treats that are not usually dangerous, you need to supervise your dog while they eat them.

Greenies: Most dogs really enjoy these treats. They are advertised as a treat that helps clean your dog’s teeth. However, you need to be aware that “greenies” can cause choking. This is because dogs eat these very quickly causing large chunks to lodge in the throat. Young puppies should not eat these treats and dogs that are prone to “scarfing” food should stay away as well. If your dog eats these treats, be aware of potential vomiting, bloody stools, and difficulty breathing. If you notice any of these symptoms after your dog has eaten this treat, seek veternarian medical attention.

Rawhide Chews: What dog does not love snacking on these chewy treats? rawhides are good because it cleans your dog’s teeth and keeps your dog occupied. However, rawhides can be are dangerous. Some rawhides that originate outside of the United States may actually be preserved with arsenic-based chemicals that will be ingested by your doggie when he or she chews them. For this reason, make certain that any rawhide treat you purchase is processed in the United States where this preservative is forbidden. If you cannot tell where a treat originated from do not buy it. In addition, you still need to watch your dog when he/she is munching on rawhides to help prevent choking. Make sure you buy rawhides that are the right size for your dog, as well. A small dog needs the smaller sized rawhide treats.

Chocolate: Chocolate is a terrible thing to allow dogs to eat. Of course, sometimes dogs get into candy and cake without your knowledge. Chocolate is toxic to both dogs and cats, so you need to be aware of your dog sneaking chocolate nibbles, especially around the holidays. Chocolate contains an ingredient called theobromine. This acts in the canine about the same way caffeine acts in the human. A little will make the doggie hyperactive, but a huge dose can be fatal. If your dog has gotten into chocolate, you need to look for vomiting, shallow breathing, and irregular heartbeat. If you see your pet struggling with any of these symptoms please visit the vet emergency clinic.

Bones: It seems like the right of every dog to crunch on a real bone from time to time. Dogs love bones of all types. However, some bones can be dangerous. Both chicken and turkey bones are especially dangerous because they are brittle. When your dog chews on them they can easily splinter and can cause choking. Also, some pork and beef bones can cause the same problem. Veterinarians agree that one of the safest bones you can give your dog is a shinbone. If you must give your dog a bone, make sure you supervise your pooch and if he/she shows signs of bleeding, call your vet immediately for advice.

This is not to say that you cannot give your dog an occasional treat. That is one of the fun parts of owning a dog. You do need to watch your dog and make sure that your dog is safe when snacking. Always pay attention to the different kinds of treats you give your dog in case of a recall.