Natural Alternative Treatment for Dogs with Arthritis, Hip and Mobility Problems

Alternative Dog Arthritis Treatment
Product Rating
4.99 out of 5
  • All Natural – 99% pure Chondroitin and micro-dosages of botanical extracts – no risky chemical drugs.
  • Totally Safe – even for dog’s breeds prone to allergies and puppies. It can be used in combination with other supplements or prescription medications – no side effects.
  • Easy to Use – it only needs to be administered once a week. Insipid liquid doses come in plastic ampoules for easy dispensing – no pills, powder or mixing water.
  • OTC Supplement – ChondroPaw® is an over the counter supplement for dogs – no prescription needed.
  • Fast Relief – your Dog may start showing noticeable improvements in as little as 96 hrs after the first dose – no need to wait 1 to 3 months to see results with similar products.
  • Cost effective – we have lowered the price of ChondroPaw® to enable more dog owners to afford the product – no shipping costs in USA.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – if you are not pleased within 30 days, you will receive your money back guarantee – no questions asked.