Main reasons why the dog eats grass

Main reasons why the dog eats grass

Despite being a natural behavior, as part of their dietary routine, the fact is that each animal has a preference in the type of grass and their own reasons for the intake.

  • Compensating nutritional deficiency: Grass brings an extra fiber and vitamins. It could happen that the dog simply ingested to complete his diet.
  • Purgative effect: If the animal has any problems or stomach upset, including intestinal parasites, use the herb as a purgative to induce vomiting and relieve their discomfort.
  •  Instinctive behavior: It is proven that wild wolves also eat plants intentionally. It could then be an ancestral behavior, intact in its genetic memory.
  • Boredom: Some dogs seem to eat grass for entertaining or just to try new flavors.
  • I like the grass! There are cases in which the dog searches for a particular type of grass or outbreak. In these cases, the animal is very aware of what he eats, likes and seems to sit well.

Harmful for the dog to eat grass?

Although the specific reason for this type of ingestion is not known, the fact is that it is not harmful, it is a normal behavior among domestic dogs and we should not prevent them from doing so. Your diet does not have to consist exclusively of foods of animal origin, vegetables are also necessary and must be present in your diet.

Only in some cases should we take precautions.

  • Pesticides and fertilizers: avoid places likely to use these compounds, especially in areas of amenity turf or crop areas.
  • Toxic Plants: The intake of some of the most used in gardens and even present at home plants, they can be very dangerous for our dog, for example, the lily, ivy, ricin, azalea, laurel, yew, mistletoe, oleander, tomato plants or plants Easter.
  • Eating grass compulsively: If the animal eats a lot of grass, and obsessively, you have to go to the vet. It could be a lack of food or behavioral disorder.

Conclusion, do not worry if your dog sticks to its conventional diet with a little green, the important thing is that its food is natural and of the highest quality, composed of natural ingredients and free of preservatives or artificial substances. As long as the animal is healthy and properly fed, it will only be an instinctive act.

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