Why Dogs Look Like Their Humans: Science Has Discovered It!

Has not it happened to you many times that you watch people with dog walk and think how they look !? Well, this finally has a scientific answer, and Michael Roy, of the University of California, San Diego, United States, has been one of the first psychologists to investigate why many humans resemble their dogs, and Not just physically.

How did you do this research? Michael and his team planted themselves in three different canine parks and photographed dogs and their humans separately, so that a group of volunteers were asked to pair them with their pictures of humans and dogs. And, you do not know what? In most cases the volunteers correctly matched the dog with its human with no clues other than the photos.

So why do dogs look like their humans? (we highly recommend to read: Choose Incredibly Best Dog To All Your FamilyPsychologists came to the conclusion that many humans chose dogs in the same way as when we chose a partner. When we choose a couple, we do it in a way that reminds us of ourselves, so we ensure compatibility between the two.

In the case of choosing the dog something similar happens to us. Not only do we select according to what we physically remember ourselves but also by a personality similar to ours, and we do not do it in a conscious way. Without realizing it we chose a dog that has a lot to do with us.

A clear example is Paris Hilton. Does it look like your Chihuahua or not?

And, Ryan Gosling to your dog?

Our dogs look like us, they act like us and, unlike many people, they always correspond with their feelings. Unfortunately, we differed a lot with them.

And you, do you think you look like your dog? Not only physically but also temperamentally …