How you can make a Dog trust in you

We’ve probably all been through this awkward situation of asking someone if we could touch their dog and when they go to play they have moved away from us (perhaps frightened) or just passed us by far. In many cases, dogs may be distant or distrustful at first with people they do not know (you might like our article: Dogs with fears: what to do and what not to do…)

Well, the first thing we should do is not take it personally. It does not mean that we hit the dog badly. And the second, is to continue reading these tips to try to earn their trust.

As we have said, if a dog we do not know is distant or away from us trying to touch it right away, do not take it personally. We must always treat it from a canine rather than a human perspective. We explain why.

Dogs, unlike humans, follow very different patterns to get to know each other and have their own rules. In any case, when they meet a new dog, the dog will never come directly, talking to him, probably in a loud and sharp voice (Ayyy! But how handsome is my little boy !, sounds to you, no), gesturing and trying to touch her head. This is precisely what humans usually do. When a dog sees all these actions it is even normal that it passes from us. Would not you? 😉

Here are some tips to gain the confidence of a dog, whether the neighbor, the park or bringing a new dog home. In the case of touching a dog that we do not know in the street, the first thing to do is to always ask its owner if we can touch it. It is very important that we do it and teach our children to do it.

Keep calm

Yes, it sounds typical but it’s the most important thing. Let us not approach him excitedly, telling him things in a loud voice and / or gesticulating excessively. If we do, three things can happen: either the dog jumps on us to play, or the dog fled in terror of us, or worse, that we trigger an aggressive reaction. Important: Approach him calmly and speak softly.

Never face

When you approach a dog you do not know, never face it. Always approach on one side, slowly. You are invading your living space and approaching from the front is being very poorly educated according to the canine ‘protocol’. Stay close, bring your hand closed. Slowly. Be aware that you are invading your living space.

Respect your living space

Before approaching the dog, ask the owner if you can touch him. Do not get too close at first, leave at least one meter away. Do not look at him or touch him or say anything to him. Look at his ‘sideways’ attitude. Do not annoy him. Take time.

Wait for it to come to you

Once you have approached him (as much as a meter) wait for him to show interest for you. If this happens it will come closer and smell you in a fair way. Then, slowly, stroke the chest. Never pet a dog you do not know from above. If he licks your hand then he accepts you. Otherwise, if you turn your head and ignore you, nothing happens. Do not take it bad. Keep working with him. Slowly. Do not rush things.

When you ‘introduce’ a dog that you are going to adopt, you can put the above tips into practice. Once at home, wait for the dog to come to you. Do not chase him. Remember that ‘those who rule’ are not those who persecute.

The best way to gain the confidence of the new member of your family is to walk with him. In this way you show that you are the leader who guides and protects. Always be calm. Be sure of yourself. In this way you will quickly see that you take care of him and he is safe when he is with you.