Micro-dosage of Botanical Extract is the Base of ChondroPaw®

Botanical Extracts designed to target the Immune System
  • Enhances the effectiveness of the immune system’s ability to defend challenges from viral and bacterial infections.
  • Decreases the effects of exposure to environmental allergens.
  • In clinical trials it has shown to behave as an adjuvant to anti-bacterial and anti-viral therapy.
  • Reestablishes appetite and levels of feed intake.
  • Reduces the stress created while traveling (Shipping Fever)
  • Improves the coat condition.

Alternative for Dog Hip DisplasiaAlthough immunology has advanced, further development in this field will surely be of great importance to combat diseases in the future. In this regard, micro-dosages are an aspect that requires more advancement. This concept is not fully accept by many present day medical practitioners. But, as time goes by there is abundant evidence of veterinarians cases successfully treated with these micro-dosages when adequately used. As matter of fact, under certain laws these minuscule dose levels are capable of modifying the organism and correcting its balance which enable the disease to affect our dogs.

Ancient cultures practiced this concept when searching for means to ward off disease. Certain tribes of South America let poisonous snakes bite them slightly as a treatment for tumors, or they would drink small quantities of extracts of toxic plants to heal infections.

Nevertheless, abounding results confirm the effectiveness of these minuscule doses levels of clinical treatment of the sometimes very complex and severe diseases or of patients who were not responding to traditional medical treatments. Moreover, with no toxic or side effects like the ones caused by normal drug doses, micro-dosages of Botanical Extract will be the future of medicine in this new century. Why is this? Because of the benefits they offer, such as:

  • Non-Toxic levels of these products.
  • Their improved results when used abiding certain laws.
  • Peace of mind when prescribing safe, side effects-free products.
  • Lower manufacturing costs than normal-doses drug products.
  • Non-toxic and non-contaminant manufacturing wastes and effluents that do not affect environment and help preserve it.

Micro-doses of Botanical Extracts is the core of ChondroPaw®, 100% Natural product, registered NDC US FDA and scientifically designed to promote the well-being, strength and sturdiness of joints, which goes beyond common supplements.

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