How to spend this holidays season with your pet.

We already know that Christmas is a time of joy to enjoy with our loved ones, including four-legged ones!

Here are some tips for your pets to enjoy Christmas to the fullest.


These dates dogawayofchocolatesinvite you to spend with the food, and yes it is true that they also have the right to indulge, but be careful with the food you give them. For example, chocolate is toxic for dogs and cats, and no nougat !.
If you are prone to give the leftovers, use the head, never give them bone remains, or spicy or very greasy things. As a general rule, if you want to “sin” and give it some leftovers, let it be a small amount of lean meat or fish, and without sauces, we do not want to go to the vet on Christmas day because our furry partner did not Christmas Eve feast … In case your pet is following a veterinary prescription diet (to treat any health problem), it pays to be strict and give absolutely nothing that endangers the health of your colleague.


doginholidayseasonIf you have more people than usual at home, it is advisable to inform them of those who like or dislike your pets. They are not toys, and sometimes the over-attention, both on the part of children and adults, can cause them great stress. Leave them a place of the quiet house where they can rest from the noise and the revelry. In the case of cats, it is preferable that you also place your tray and its feeder / trough in quiet areas where they can go unseen. They also like the safety of a good cardboard box so you can take advantage of a gift box to have a new hiding place.


dogwithchritsmastreeChristmas plants like the Easter Flower or Holly are toxic, so be very careful if you want to use them as ornamentation. My advice is to always be out of the reach of the dog or cat, and if this is not possible, they can always be replaced by other types of adornments not harmful to our furry colleagues.

In addition also have to be very careful with the candles, and Christmas trees. Our furry ones can throw them without wanting and cause a great destruction. Cats love to play with the tree ornaments, you can put appropriate toys for them and secure the tree well to prevent it falling accidentally. They will have a great time!


Many of our pets do not like anything, and spend a lot of these frightened parties. dogandnoisesIf this is your case, approach the veterinarian, at the clinic we will always be able to advise you on guidelines and products that can improve the noise tolerance, or the stress that some animals suffer at this time.

I hope this article has been good for you, enjoy your furry,  We wish you Happy Holidays!