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ChondroPaw Sucess Stories Videos

The following testimonials are not solicited or paid for in any way. They are the honest Videos of our satisfied customers stating their own personal opinions on our products since 2011.  Watch these short video testimonials to discover how, in a  very short time, your dog can enjoy start running and chasing again using our joint supplement for dogs ChondroPaw®

Disclaimer:  Individual Results May Vary

This is one of the most serious cases of Dog Arthritis. This 13 year old dog struggles to walk and he needs to drag his legs to move! It is so sad to see him suffer this way , it is heartbreaking ! As a last resort he was put on Chondropaw and his improvement has been amazing! See for yourself! ChondroPaw works even in these extreme arthritis and joint pain conditions!

Lola is 6 years old, her back end sways back and forth when she walks. Lola hops, which is a characteristic of dogs with hip dysplasia, when going down stairs. She lays down most of the time. Lola is recording her first 2 week with ChondroPaw.

The signs, causes and treatments of dog hip pain and dog joint pain and hip and …Dog pain can take many forms from mild to severe, dull aches to sharp pain

Dog Cindy limps and shows difficulty to walk due to pain caused by Infammation of the shoulder-joint igaments and muscles. After 4 weeks taking ChodroPaw she runs faster than her friends!. ChondroPaw is Fast ,Natural and Works!

10 year old Lab, suffers from Hip Dysplasia and Mobility issues. She has difficulties getting up and walking, usually prefers to stay home and lay down. See her improvement after 1 month with ChondroPaw

Collie Dog suffers from Joint Problems in Back Legs that causes him pain and struggle to get up, sit down or lay down. Owner is giving him Chondropaw and
recording his improvement. After 3 doses of ChondroPaw he reports Steele shows less effort to get up. Still there is a long way to go but first

10-year-old Labrador Jadie Girl was born with Hip Dysplasia.She limps on the back leg.The pain is getting worse. She is reluctant to walk and prefers laying down most of the day. She was put on ChondroPaw and her improvement was recorded here. Amazing change after only 3 months!