Teaching Your Dog to Ask to Go Out

Teaching your Dog to tell you when needs to go at the right place and time is something that must be learn with the help of their owners. The application of an appropriate method, a certain dedication on the part of the owners and the patience are the keys to obtain an adequate learning. The training methods used today take advantage of the puppy’s natural tendency to keep the place clean and the reward for doing well. The use of punishment is not advised.


Remember that positive reinforcements (prizes) work better than an abuse whose purpose is to punish. Never use blows to try and educate your dog.

The secret of learning

You must keep in mind that there are no miracle learning methods that deliver results in 24 hours or less. Teach the dog to relieve itself in the right place and manner depends on the application of a suitable method, dedication and perseverance by the owner and a great deal of patience on both sides.

Dogs, like wolves, present from cubs an innate tendency to leave the den to do their needs. In this way they help keep the burrow clean and reduce the risk of being detected by a predator and suffering from parasitic diseases.


You’ve probably noticed that 10 or 20 minutes after eating, your dog wants to do its needs. Well, ideally you should put newspaper in the place where you want it to be. Make sure that this site is far from the place that your dog is destined to eat and drink water.

Now, you must be aware of the movements of your dog. As soon as you see start spinning in a circle as he sniffs the floor as if looking for something, you can be sure that is looking some where to do a tummy. As you observe this behavior, distract your dog with a little palm or some noise and take it immediately to the place where you placed the sheets of newsprint. If you urinate or defecate on newspapers, congratulate him with soft words as you caress him.

Now, step by step, the dog will identify the sheets of newspaper as a site allowed to do belly. Let a week go by so that you learn correctly and practice day by day.

If you decide that the place had intended it is not exactly ideal, them moves slowly newsprint (about 30 cm. Per day) to the new site that you’ve assigned. 

Using this method, your dog will not notice that the paper moves, and will continue to do its things as if nothing is happening.

You should watch for your dog when you wake up, when you finish eating or drinking, or even when you have just played. These most commons times when an accident occurs and must return to teach your puppy from the beginning.

Now, if your dog had previously chosen a specific place, you can start by placing the newspaper there and start to walk slowly until it is in the place where you had thought.


There are on the market a kind of diapers impregnated with a smell that the puppy identifies as a suitable place to urinate or defecate. You can find them in pet stores or veterinary consult. They are also known as training pads and supplement the function or n of newsprint.

They have shown to be more effective from the beginning, something that you do not get with the newsprint, but until after a few days of training. Either method works, but these diapers have been specially designed for that. The decision to use one or the other depends entirely on you.

The walks on the street

Once completed calendar or Vaccination established by the vet, the puppy can and go for a walk. Under normal circumstances, the puppy will progressively replace newspapers on the street to meet their needs. When the dog does almost all of his or her needs away from home, newspapers may be removed. As I seek to bring to walk your dog just as you have already calculated that wants to go to the bathroom (about 10 or 15 minutes after eating), and reward him when he does on the street. Try to carry plastic bags to collect the debris and deposit them in the trash cans in the park or at home. It is not right to leave excrement on the streets, as you could foster disease and of course, you do not like it too to your children will encounter one of these gifts while they playing in the park.


It is very important not to come into your home right after your puppy has finished to make their droppings outside. Try to keep walking for a few more minutes before returning.

Time is your enemy

Voluntary control of your dog on urination and defecate is not complete until it meets the 3 or 4 months old. A puppy under old need a m s walks the street (remember you should be fine vaccinated) or newsprint.

On average, a puppy of 2 months can tolerate 3 or 4 hours before going to the bathroom, and this time is increasing as the dog develops. Do not press your dog trying to hold it as long as possible.

If at 4 or 5 months old the puppy does not show any progress, consult your veterinarian to rule out medical problems that could be associated with that incontinence.

Try not to punish him

Although your friends, relatives or even veterinary surgeons have suggested you use a funky newspaper to punch it as punishment, or even rubbing the puppy’s mouth over urine or excrement, worldwide dog behaviorists recommend avoiding punishment during toilet training, and more u n if the punishment is to use violence. Recently studies conducted on the scientist subject  have shown that systems like punishing the dog or rub his nose in urine are completely ineffective and quite traumatic for the puppy.

Again we ask you: BE PATIENCE… 🙂