Tips for Extending the Life of your Pets

As owners of pets, we must try to ensure a good quality of life. These animals need our best attention. They are important part of our family. It is always better to both emotionally and financially anticipate than cure illnesses, so we leave some points recommendations to take care of our pets to extend their life.

Balanced Feeding in Dogs and CatsBalanced pets diet

  1. Balanced diet.

    Diet is an important pillar for any living being and pets are no exception. Our pets must receive balanced food for them !, so we can assist in commercial diets of croquette, can, holistic, raw, or homemade but balanced to meet daily requirements. A balanced diet prevents overweight, malnutrition or lack of essential amino acids and necessary vitamins.

dog-weight-controlledWeight Controlled

  1. Keep on weight.

    Being overweight involves multiple complications such as diabetes, heart failure, joint load, respiratory distress, etc. All these problems secondary to excess body fat can make shortening the life or quality of life of our pets.

dogs-daily-exerciseDaily exercise

  1. Daily exercise.

    Is very important mentally and physically for our dogs and cats, causes circulation to activate, muscles work, activates metabolism and helps keep them in shape. The exercise can be hiking or running depending on the needs of each specimen, ball games, freesbe and sports skills are great options for our dogs.

dogs-prevention-of-infectious-diseasesPrevention of infectious diseases

  1. Infectious diseases.

    Many of the infectious diseases that could endanger the lives of our dogs can be anticipated with annual vaccination and regular deworming. That is why we must apply booster vaccines every year even in dogs and cats of old age. Vaccination schedules depend on the area in which we live, so it is necessary to approach your veterinarian to advise you of frequent local diseases.

veterinary-check-upsVeterinary check-ups

  1. Visit to the Veterinarian.

    Veterinarian (including vaccines) can help detect diseases that are just beginning as heart murmurs, degenerative diseases such as joint problems, respiratory problems and thanks to the review during the physical examination performed by the specialist, I was able to cut off at a good time Some risk situations. In dogs older than 6 years it is advisable to perform annual laboratory tests to assess the functioning of organs such as kidney and liver, as we do in humans.